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Red Lagoon

(Episodic Series)

       A disorganized and ill-equipped island party hosted for the most affluent of kids is overrun by modern day pirates. The kids are blindsided and held for ransom but as tension and hostility rises they’ll have to come together and fight back to secure their escape.


       Inspired by the ill-fated Fyre Festival in 2017, ‘Red Lagoon’ takes the story one step further into an even worse scenario of an island party going entirely “off the rails”. At least at Fyre they were staring down the barrel of disappointing meals and inadequate sleeping arrangements, not literal machine guns.


(Episodic Series)

       An adventurous, tech-savvy duo named Dax and Terry, have found their niche working for VisiRoad, a company-equivalent to Google Streetview. Their lives consist almost entirely of traversing and visually documenting every possible U.S. road they can get their fully outfitted, faithful hatchback down.


       With this flipped perspective of a service now widely taken for granted, the viewer is brought inside to experience the unique oddities of the job, such as: the major difference of being an "updater" vs. a "trailblazer", the very few girls who find it oddly sexy and where to go to the bathroom when your car is buried under snow?


       Despite the highly infrequent glories to be relished, Dax and Terry are still hard at work generating the most immense navigational convenience for you.


(Feature Screenplay)

       Aspiring writer Clive Sawyer is stick in the fast-paced shark-infested business waters of midtown Manhattan, greatly suffering from writer's block at home while reluctantly succeeding in his right-brain corporate life at the office.


       While wishing for something to "break loose" his writing, eccentric CEO Richard Meyer coincidentally presents a team-building wilderness retreat to his "top players". After initial deliberation, Clive sees the potential value to his writing in escaping the city and getting some fresh air.


       Richard however, surprises the already committed group with undisclosed details of the retreat, thrusting Clive and the others into an unexpected journey that raises the stakes far beyond successful team-building.

American Jackal

(Feature Screenplay)

       A lonely drifter named Adam Lemay happens upon a coastal New England fishing town where there's been a massive influx of coyotes, causing the deer population to rapidly plummet.


       With no money, but a strong hunting background, Adam quickly proves himself as a skilled marksman and is hired for a six month predator controlling program in which he learns the perils of controlled killing and loveless living.



Double Fault

(Feature Screenplay)

       A fit, young, tennis instructor named Rob Eldredge makes his living by teaching private tennis lessons to the wealthy summer residents of Cape Cod.


       Rob is happy with his job, his girlfriend, and his town, until his newest client, a voluptuous and tenacious older woman named Cindy Mayfield, takes a deep liking to more than Rob's tennis instruction, causing him to cross lines he never imagined crossing.